Mapmaking Process

The following slideshows explain the process through which the SCR design teams mapped storm surge data produced by the SCR science team. While the design teams created maps specific to their sites, they all followed a standard process using ArcGIS software.

Making and Modifying Digital Elevation Models (DEMs)

DEMs are the combined topographic and bathymetric data for a site. They are critical to making flood maps since they represent the ground elevation when mapping current and future flood inundation risk. The SCR teams obtained and combined up to date topographic and bathymetric information and followed the steps outlined in the slideshow below to create topobathy DEMs for each site.

Mapping Storm Surge Inundation Data

The projective storm surge inundation data is unique and was produced for the SCR project by the science team at Princeton University. The slideshow below explains how the data was generated and then translated from a dataset into a surge raster that can be overlaid on a topobathy surface in GIS. For additional information about the climate science work, visit the Principles page.